Succulents and Cacti
Succulents and cacti can make either an interesting niche in a garden or make the garden itself.  The Southwest’s diminishing water supply is leading many a property owner to consider alternate types of plant materials in their never ending battle against drought.  If your garden lies outside of the wintertime heavy frost zones you might consider the use of these types of plants.  Low on water usage, and maintenance, succulents can withstand a bit more neglect than your typical garden variety shrub or perennial.  Many however do not handle the heavy frost that many of San Diego inland valleys endure in winter.

In these applications planting under tree canopy, patio cover or against south and or west facing walls is encouraged. A wide spectrum of variegated foliage and multitude of hues makes combining succulents fun and interesting.  For vertical accents, try some tree species of large succulents combined with several slender upright clumping cacti, weave in hardy palm species, small flowering accent trees and colorful, sun loving perennial shrubs.  Use drought tolerant woody shrubs as a backdrop or frame work.

The possibilities are endless, enjoy!