Registered Landscape Architect
Requiring a state license typically 4 + years of schooling or extensive experience. Landscape architects are the architects of the outdoors. Their scope of design services typically exceed most others in both magnitude, depth, and cost of planning.

Landscape Architect
Qualified as above without passing of the state required test.

Licensed Landscape Contractors / Landscape Design – Build Contractors 
Capable of both design and construction as well as maintenance of completed projects. These state licensed companies provide the widest range of services in their field. The C.L.C.A or California Landscape Contractors Association is the only statewide organization of licensed landscape contractors. They are dedicated to the professionalism of the industry. (CLCA.COM)

Landscape Designer
Requiring a 2 year associates degree, landscape designers specialize in the design only process. Usually to a lesser degree of magnitude and complication to that of a landscape architect.

Landscape Maintenance Contractor
Carries the same license as that of the landscape contractor but specializes in the care and maintenance of completed projects.

Arborist: Tree Specialist

Nurseryman: Specializes in the growing of field, container or greenhouse plantings.

Garden Designer: Requires no formal education, degree or license. Specializes in garden and or landscape design usually to a lesser degree of magnitude and complexity than that of a landscape designer. More often than not they are plant oriented designers.

Swimming Pool Designer & Contractors 
Specializes in the design and construction of pools, spas and any number of fountain and water features.

Requiring a bachelors degree and knowledge and understanding of soils, pests, diseases, plants and all their interconnected properties.

Ornamental Horticulturalist
With required schooling as above but specializing in the ornamental use of plant materials.