Outdoor Room & Kitchens
Our Mediterranean type climate offers an incredibly long season to enjoy activities and gatherings outdoors. Outdoor rooms provide seamless flow between living spaces indoors and outside. Outdoor rooms become just that, another room typically attached or just adjacent to the main structure. Successful designs extend roof lines of homes with matching roof styles and building materials for an integrated architectural style.

A variety of alternative shade coverings include, but is not limited to:

  • Hipped or gabled roofs with matching roof tile or latticed framework.
  • Wood patio cover construction.
  • Canvas and SunBrella fabrics over framework.
  • Alumawood.
  • Shade or sail cloths.
  • Palapas.
  • Incorporate an attractive interior ceiling fan, down lighting, shelving for t.v., music, etc. 

Typically a fireplace enclosing a portion of one side will increase the intimacy of space. Use the fireplace to screen objectionable views or block out background noise. Consider enclosing one or more sides with walls if needed.

Paving surfaces should reflect an interior richness, especially since this will accentuate the look and feel of a room.

Sliding, French or pocket doors create a summertime easy flow between rooms indoors and out. Leave a niche for some of your favorite shade plants.

Outdoor Kitchens & Bars
Comfortably close to an outdoor room is a wonderful place for your outdoor kitchen or bar. In fact, many times most if not all the counter space is under shade cover. Cantilevering the counter edge, or creating table top overhanging ends to your counters can increase counter access for bar stools and serving. Consider views for those at your bar as well as those behind it. Create angles of view that display all you have created. Arrange t.v. and or a view from the bar stool area. Once you are enjoying your outdoor room and kitchen, you won’t want to be getting up to run back inside every 5 minutes. Consider the following components that will make its use easier and more pleasurable.

Stainless steel cover for rust resistance and looks. Bronze burners will not rust either. Dual wall for better heat retention. Rotisserie. Separate burner for heating or boiling. Ceramic grates, unless you love the taste of rust in your food.

Warming Drawer
No one likes cold BBQ.

Washing hands, plates, food, discarding drinks, etc. They always come in handy.

Ice Tub
Like a sink without a faucet for stuffing full of ice drinks.

For drinks, condiments, etc. With icemaker or cube tray if needed.

Storage Drawer
Multi-drawer units are truly a great and convenient space to store all your BBQ tools, utensils, paper towels, etc.

Access Door
To access plumbing and gas hook ups within the unfinished bunker of the BBQ.

T.V. Stereo
In a water proof enclosure.

Low Voltage Lighting
Lighting from underneath countertops, niched into backsplashes, down lighting from above. Create usability and drama with low voltage lighting. Don’t forget speakers for your favorite music.

Counter Construction
Can range from slab granite to polished colored concrete and everything in between. Consider the amount of grout you really want to have on an outdoor counter and then go dark on color as it will darken with use and age. Typical counter elevations are 36” for cooking and serving and 42” for bar stools, table tops and back splashes.